• Ecommerce Development

    Ecommerce Development

    We build Digital Commerce that grows with you. Check out our services to see how we can assist you.

  • Custom Web Development

    Custom Web Development

    Our custom Website design and development services are proven to engage your customers and help your business grow.

  • Mobile Development

    Mobile Development

    You want a mobile app that looks great and works awesome and delivers a great experience for the user, take a look at our Android, IOS and Hybrid services.

  • Game Development

    Game Development

    With our end-to-end game development services, we will be there by your side at every stage – from game design and usability testing to release, support and maintenance.

Why K3G Solutions?

Managed Locally Sourced Globally

K3G Solutions is a software development company based in Portland, Oregon and founded in 2010. We specialize in eCommerce, website development, mobile applications, and gaming applications. We manage locally with Business Analysts and Project Management and source Development globally. Our global partners allow us to offer the right balance between Quality, Cost and Time line. Our team consists of more than 180 development and design professionals, most of our staff have over 5 years of experience in software development. This ensures that we provide highly qualified professionals.

Quality, Cost, and Timeline

We assign a business analyst to each project. The business analyst guarantees your vision is translated to the software solution that will enhance your business. We always provide a team with the necessary skills to insure the software development project is done on time. With the highest quality and always affordable.

An example of a team might consist of a Business Analyst, Technical Lead, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer and a QA staff. Regardless of the project size this team is deployed in the best ratios to insure a scalable solution for your company. This works. Gets things done. On time and affordable.

Nourish and Enhance

We all know that Technology changes. Software updates need to be provisioned. New features are added as your customers become more familiar with your company. As you expand you may need completely new services. K3G Solutions offers Maintenance and Support for our own software development projects. And other 3rd party software development projects as well.

When a software development project completes, it is really the beginning. It will need to be nourished and enhanced for many years. When the application is properly supported it will give many times the returns to your company. We believe this should be done with the highest quality. Timely. And affordable. Give us a call to discuss your Maintenance and ongoing enhancement requirements for your software development project.

I want to be Star

Being a star for your company is about getting things done. It is that simple. Okay the hard part comes in when the “it” must be high quality, timely and affordable. We believe we have a solution that will help make you a Star when it comes to software development projects.

We traveled the world and contacted key execs in each local to find the right development partner. We tested them against one another. The best software development partner rose to the top. Then we hired them to develop a project for us. Why? Because we wanted to know first-hand what their quality, timeliness and affordability was. We did it the right way. This is how the big companies do it.

Take Intel, Apple or Microsoft they employ thousands of persons globally. When they do this, they are careful to hire the best, this take time and resources. Not something a small company can do easily. Our goal was to remove the risk in the Global resource equation. And do this sourcing for you. We have succeeded. We have developed high quality relationships. Now you can be a star, you can get many high-quality software development projects done. On time. On budget. Just like the big companies do it. Give us a call and let’s work together on your new adventure.

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