What You NEED to Know About Mobile Game Development

February 28, 2019

Playing mobile games is fun, but have you considered making them? If not, you may want to reconsider. In 2017, the mobile gaming market made a record-breaking $40.6 billion in revenue. And with more and more console developers, such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, entering the market, you can expect mobile gaming profits to continue climbing. But …


Mobile App Design 101: How to Create an App End Users Will Love

February 21, 2019

Mobile apps are taking over the world. In fact, if you have a great idea for a creating new app, there’s never been a better time to make it a reality. It’s truly amazing to realize that the only thing that separates you from millions of potential customers is the click of a button. And with all …


5 Things You Need for a Successful Ecommerce Business

February 14, 2019

Do you want to start an e-commerce business? Now is definitely the time. Statistics show that 51% of Americans prefer online shopping. This number is expected to grow too. Do you have a product that you’re passionate about and want to try selling online? Check out these five things you need for a successful e-commerce business. You …


5 Serious Signs You NEED to Invest in a New, Professional Website

February 08, 2019

A website is like your home. Just because it’s been built, it doesn’t mean you’re finished. Continued maintenance and updates are important factors to focus on. If you have a professional business website and you want to keep attracting customers to your site while enjoying high rankings on search engines, you cannot have a stagnant, old …


The Best E-Commerce Website Builders for Portland Entrepreneurs

February 04, 2019

Are you looking to build your own e-commerce website? E-commerce is one of the biggest markets of today. With worldwide sales expected to hit $4.87 trillion by 2021, it represents a tremendous growth opportunity for every internet entrepreneur. However, not everything will be that easy with that big a prize on the line. First, you will need to learn …


11 Principles of Good Web User Interface Design You Should Know

January 29, 2019

With 9 out of 10 Americans using the internet, a well-designed website is crucial. Your website should stand out. But it should also be easy to use. A visually stunning website fails if it’s not usable. Do you have a business in Portland Oregon? Do you want users to stay on your website? Then take a standard approach …


Magento Development Services: How Magento’s Services Can Benefit Your Company

December 17, 2018

Are you thinking about using Magento development services? Magento is one of the top platforms to use in building e-commerce sites. About 20% of e-commerce sites turn to this platform and more recently it has been bought by Adobe. This acquisition will bring a lot of firepower to this platform. The reasons to use Magento are simple …


Mobile App Development for Beginners: What You Need to Know to Get Started

December 12, 2018

Nearly 180 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2017 alone. That’s more than 20 apps for every man, woman, and child on the planet. Since the Apple app store first opened more than a decade ago, apps have become a huge part of our daily lives across every type of phone and operating system. And the market …


Custom Websites for Small Businesses: 10 Top Trending Design Techniques

December 08, 2018

When was the last time you visited a truly stunning website? Can you remember what stood out about it? Maybe it was how easy the navigation had been set up or how interesting and sharp the images were. Maybe your favorite part about the website was the simple check out process or the access you …


What is Effective Web Development & How Can You Harness Its Power for Yourself?

December 04, 2018

With the average small business only allotting $75,000 a year to digital marketing, it’s clear that budgets are tight, even in an era where the internet rules everything. If you’re developing a web app, a new website, or a piece of software, you need to ensure that you’ve optimized your web development. Effective web development is when …