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Sizing Up the Latest E-Commerce Trends in Portland

November 07, 2018

Are you wondering how to tap into your e-commerce potential?

Good question!

Portland is home to nearly 30,000 small businesses and the city is a breeding ground for entrepreneurial endeavors. But with numbers like that, standing out can be a challenge.

The good news is there are ways to propel your business forward and make more money online by implementing some new tools and staying current on what’s happening in the industry.

Read on to learn about the latest trends for e-commerce in Portland, Or.

One Stop Shopping

With platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram featuring products people are interested in purchasing, people are starting to cut out the second step by introducing “native shopping”.

Consumers will be able to purchase the items they see on a platform without having to figure out where to buy them. They can then go to that site and search their desired product separately.

With Instagram’s “Like-to-Buy” feature and Pinterest’s “Shop the Look”, online shoppers can click on the exact item they’re interested in, know the price and click to purchase.

This feature streamlines the consumers’ experience and makes them more likely to buy an item since they don’t have to spend time searching or revisiting a website in order to find it.


With many websites offering instant chat on their site to answer any questions or discuss an issue, the latest trend we’re seeing is the ability to order and purchase items with one step through these chats.

This is extremely useful for restaurants where customers want to make their online ordering even faster. If this is an option for you we suggest looking into it now so you can advertise this feature to potential customers as something that separates you from the rest of the competition.

Voice Search

With voice search technology like Google Home and Alexa becoming increasingly more popular, people want to be able to purchase items with the same ease they ask their Alexa to tell them today’s weather.

While this may not be something your company is ready for now, it’s important to be aware of since nearly half of millennials are searching the web via voice-activated control. That can translate into huge numbers when it comes to untapped potential or missed revenue.

Mobile First

Gone are the days of having to head to your computer to check a website or search for a product you’re interested in. About 60% of searches now come from a mobile device. That means that more than half the market is opting to find your company on their smartphone instead of a computer.

Why is this important? Well, if your mobile site isn’t in tip-top shape and easy to navigate, you’re going to lose business. Nowadays, the appearance and functionality of your mobile site need to be on par with the time and effort you’ve put into making a successful website.

Users should be able to purchase your product easily on the mobile version of your site. You’ll have to consider layout, how the pages appear on a mobile device and the ease with which they can enter their credit card information and place orders.

Image Searching

Many companies are now adding features where you can search an item simply based on an image you’ve either taken yourself or found online. This is great for users who spot something they want to have but don’t know who makes it or what it costs.

It also works the other way where consumers can submit an image and find similar items for a more reasonable price. Big businesses like Target are starting to integrate this technology and before long, it will become the norm so it’s good to know about it now.

This option will drive more consumers to shop online. They’ll be sending in images they’ve seen out in the real world to find the cheaper version.

Quick Checkouts

You already have access to one-click purchasing with Apple Pay or Amazon. Once their patent ends, other businesses will be able to integrate this type of checkout technology into their own system.

Entering all your credit card and billing information every time you buy an item online is tedious. Sooner than later it will become obsolete.

Watch for ways to simplify your checkout process and make buying items easier for your customers. It will keep them coming back.


With options like Amazon Prime, more consumers have the expectation that their purchased items should arrive the next day or even the same day. People are increasingly unwilling to wait a week or more for the things they buy online and the industry is going to have to adjust accordingly.

Companies are looking to outdo each other with the delivery options available to their customers and there are several startup delivery companies that offer services like never before.

Quality Over Quantity

The industry is seeing more time spent on quality and well-done web pages, layouts and design. This means higher quality images as opposed to stock photos and more energy put into videos and other digital avenues used to reach their customers.

People want their websites to look high end and professional and be as clear and user-friendly as possible which means taking time out to think like a consumer. What would make their experience better so they buy products and continue coming back?

Don’t just throw images or content onto your site or social platforms and hope for the best. You need to curate your content and put thought into what your customers see when they visit your site.

Now You’re up to Speed on E-Commerce in Portland Or!

Having knowledge of these helpful tips will ensure you are on trend and in the know when it comes to e-commerce in Portland Or.

Even if these technologies aren’t things you can or want to implement into your business now, it’s good to know what’s happening out there to stay current and add them to your arsenal if needed.

These tips can take your business to the next level.

Check out the rest of our site for more e-commerce information and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


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